Arizona Cardinals Smoked by San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football

The Arizona Cardinals lost their fourth straight game last night with a whooping by the San Francisco 49ers, and the Red Birds aren't looking any better.

The Cards scored three whole points in the 24-3 loss, while picking up a grand total of seven rushing yards -- seven yards.

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You probably get more rushing yards every day while walking to your mailbox and applying juke moves to nothing in particular.

For the sanity of all Cardinals fans, the 49ers didn't bring a heavy rush against John Skelton, who was sacked just four times.

Meanwhile, Niners quarterback Alex Smith completed 18 of his 19 pass attempts, including three touchdowns. His lone incomplete pass was dropped by his receiver.

The 49ers got the scoring going on their second drive of the game, as Smith completed a three-yard pass to Michael Crabtree, who was being defended by Patrick Peterson. Crabtree made Peterson look silly on that play, as Peterson only saw the ball once Crabtree was bringing it in.

A few drives later for the 49ers, they had to settle for a field goal after Crabtree could only pick up 22 yards on a third-and-23 in the second quarter.

A few minutes before halftime, Smith capped off an eight-play drive with a nine-yard touchdown pass to Crabtree. This time, Peterson fell on his rear end as Crabtree caught the ball, and Crabtree turned and headed for the endzone in no particular hurry.

The half ended with Skelton chucking up a Hail Mary from just short of midfield, which landed well short of the endzone, and was picked off by the Niners' Chris Culliver.

The Cardinals got the ball to start of the second half, and it was a perfect representation of the team's offense that day.

Skelton threw complete to Rob Housler for five yards, then to Andre Roberts for eight. LaRod Stephens-Howling rushed for no gain, and Jeff King caught a 27-yard pass. With a first-and-10 at San Francisco's 40 yard-line, Skelton dumped a pass off to Stephens-Howling for a loss of one, then threw incomplete to Roberts, then completed one to Roberts for four yards. Dave Zastudil came on to punt from the 37.

In the meantime, it took the Niners six plays to score six the other way -- Jamell Fleming got caught with his pants down, and got smoked down the field by Randy Moss for a 47-yard TD. Yes, 35-year-old Randy Moss.

The Cardinals would respond to that Niners drive with an 80-yard drive of their own. However, they got stuck in a fourth-and-2 on San Francisco's 10 yard-line, and Jay Feely came on to avoid the total embarrassment of a shutout. University of Phoenix Stadium's boo-birds came out in full force for Feely's short field-goal attempt.

The Cardinals and Niners spent most of the fourth quarter eating clock, and no points were scored.

After starting the season 4-0, the Cardinals are now 4-4 through eight. Kevin Kolb, we miss you, and come back soon.

Monday Night Football came to Arizona, and all we got was this lousy photo of the bus in Paradise Valley:

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