Arizona Centennial: Are You Impressed The State Made It This Long?

To some people, today may be called Valentine's Day. To others -- sometimes referred to as "singles" -- it's the Arizona Centennial.

Yep, President William Howard Taft let Arizona join the club that is the United States of America on February 14, 1912, and we're celebrating the fact that Arizona exists after 100 whole years of statehood.

Over an entire century, the state has never had anyone screw things up so badly that the state was stripped of its statehood.

This is apparently so important that Wayne Newton --  "Mr. Las Vegas" -- is performing here today.

On the other hand, maybe everyone should be surprised the state made it to its centennial.

Considering how those in power in the state have already celebrated Arizona's centennial just 45 days into the year, 100 years might be reason enough to pop some bubbly.

Governor Jan Brewer decided to humiliate the state with her finger-wag in President Barack Obama's face, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's dealing with that Department of Justice investigation, and the Legislature is still pretty convinced "birther" bills and allowing guns on college campuses is a legitimate idea.

Of course, outside of the 45 days we've seen thus far in this year, Arizona government officials haven't quite produced spotless records for themselves over quite a number of years.

That leads us to the question -- are you actually impressed Arizona made it 100 years?

Cast your vote below:

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