Arizona Cities Snubbed by Money Magazine's "Best Places" List. Yo Mamma, Money!

Not just Phoenix, not just in Maricopa County, but cities in the entire state of Arizona were snubbed this year by Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" rankings.

That's right; not a single town, village, or city in the entire state made the highbrow gazette's cut in this years rankings.

This year's Money poll focused on communities with under 50,000 inhabitants, and could have included Valley cities like Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley. Hell, there had to be a couple of winners in beautiful northern Arizona, right? 


The study focuses on job growth, unemployment rate, and other financial aspects of a city to determine where the "best" one is. You know what Money? It's not all about money, seems!

The poll doesn't  factor in the unmeasurable joys of living in Arizona. The weather's awesome (sans mid-June through mid-September around here, natch). Plus, in the Valley, we can golf all year, we're five hours from the beach, and we're two hours from the ski slopes.

Some notable names on Money's little list: Draper, Utah; Middleton, Wisconsin; Lake St. Louis, Missouri; West Goshen, Pennsylvania.

By goshen, we've never heard of any of these places. 


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