Arizona Couple, Believed to be Trying to Sell Unborn Baby in Utah, Sought by Police

Authorities in Utah are looking for an Arizona couple they believe traveled to their state to find a buyer for the couple's unborn baby.

Why Utah? According to court documents, the couple allegedly sold another one of their children in Utah about three years ago, and the going rate for a baby within the borders of Arizona's northeastern neighbor is about $6,000.

Alison and Gary Stuckey are the parents of at least four children, with one on the way.

According to court documents, the Stuckey's have no parental rights over three of those children. A foster family in Mesa -- with whom the children are currently living -- is in the process of adopting them.

When the foster family realized that the Stuckeys had yet another bun in the oven, they went to the hotel where the two were living and asked if they could take this one off their hands, as well.

According to Wesley Hutchins, the attorney for the foster parents, the Stuckeys weren't interested in parting with their upcoming baby because they "needed the money."

Hutchins was contacted by the foster family after the Stuckeys failed to show up for a court hearing.

Relatives of the couple told the judge in the case that the two had gone to Utah to have their baby.

Authorities don't know where in Utah the couple is currently living and fear that the baby may already have been born.

Anyone with information about the Stuckeys' whereabouts are asked to call the Utah Attorney General's Office at (801)-366-0260.

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