Arizona D-Backs Wild Ride to the Playoffs, #11--Upton Gets `Revenge' on Prince Fielder Snub, July 21

A few weeks earlier, Milwaukee's power-hitting first-baseman Prince Fielder chose not to pick the D-Backs' Justin Upton for the All-Star Home Run Derby in Phoenix, which pissed off a lot of Arizona fans.

Though Upton publicly took the high road, it surely had to bother him, and he took it out on the Brewers and Fielder with a solo blast into the upper-deck at Chase Field as Arizona won 4-0.

This was the night after Stephen Drew shattered his ankle in that terrible slide at home plate, and there was a bit of post-traumatic stress syndrome in the air.

We attended that game, and wondered in the back of our minds how the D-Backs would fare against Milwaukee in the event that the evenly matched teams met in the playoffs, which was becoming a possibility by that point.

Honest answer:

Then, as now, we suspected that the Brewers were an underrated team (being from a small media market and all), and that they could do some serious damage in the playoffs, even get to the World Series.

But now that Milwaukee is just one game from winning a spot in a best-of-seven series for the National League pennant, we're trying to convince ourselves that they aren't all that.

Not doing such a good job of it at the moment.

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Paul Rubin
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