Arizona Department of Health Services is Saying Holiday Kisses Are a No-No

If the Arizona Department of Health Services had its way, your Thanksgiving dinner would probably be more like visiting a relative in a county jail than a fun family meal. 

While the ADHS isn't recommending everyone eat behind thick sheets of bullet-proof glass; it is telling Arizonans to avoid physical contact with relatives at all costs to avoid spreading swine-flu.

ADHS is advising people not to kiss, hug, or shake hands with relatives and friends this Thanksgiving. Instead, it recommends alternative greetings that involve less physical contact -- the chest bump is always a popular choice.

The ADHS is also recommending that you mark your drinking glass to avoid using someone else's and is offering travel tips, like having all of your papers organized, what kind of shoes to wear, and how to cough and sneeze in a way that will prevent the spread of disease.

For more information on pig-flu and ADHS's suggestions click here.

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James King
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