Arizona Diamondbacks' Bizarre Domination of New York Mets Continues Over Weekend

In the sports prediction biz, well, we basically suck.

Thought the Arizona Diamondbacks would compete for the NL West title this season (WRONG!) and didn't expect the Cardinals to make the NFL playoffs two seasons ago, much less come a few inches from winning the damned Super Bowl.

But we did pretty well this past weekend, predicting both that the D-Backs would continue their odd domination over the superior (record-wise) New York Mets, and that Mets third-baseman David Wright would have himself a great series


Wright did just that, getting five hits, two homers, and eight RBIs in the three games.

And Arizona....they took two of three from the home team, which made it five wins in six games over a 10-day period.

Go figure.

Arizona has beaten no one with consistency over this sorry season -- except themselves -- but they absolutely own the Mets.

New York played like the storied "Lovable Losers" of old, the 1962 Mets (managed by legendary Casey Stengel) who lost 120 games that year -- a record.

The Mets did everything wrong over the weekend, and were lucky to squeeze out a win on Saturday before yesterday's 14-1 drubbing.

Nice to see new D-Backs starter Daniel Hudson do so well in his debut for the locals.

And Adam LaRoche and his two-homer, six-RBI game kicked ass and took names.

Arizona is back at Chase Field against the Washington Nats tonight to start a seven-game homestand.

Rodrigo Lopez goes up against former Diamondback Livan Hernandez, one of our favorites.

Dude doesn't throw any harder than a middling high-schooler anymore, but is a magician on the mound, a kind of poor man's (not literally) Greg Maddox.

Hernandez can eat up innings (2,871 in his major-league career) with the best of them

Tonight's game starts at 6:40 and can be seen on FSAZ--Channel 34. Radio as usual is KTAR-620. For more information, go to

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