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Arizona Diamondbacks Could Open Next Season in Taiwan Against San Francisco Giants

The Diamondbacks open up a four-game series tonight at home against the San Francisco Giants.

The D-Backs are trying to win their fourth game in a row while the Giants are trying to stay in the playoff race. It's pretty much just another series in July.

But the teams could play a series next season that would be full of interest and international flair: a two-game affair in Taiwan to open the 2011 season.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, players from both teams would have to approve the deal for the series to be finalized.

The series would be in late March, a full week before the other teams would be done with spring training. The short series would probably be a home and home, meaning (technically) that the D-Backs would be home for one game and the away team for the other.

Both teams probably would return for additional spring-training practice before continuing the season.

Players also get some extra cash for playing overseas because of the odd travel schedule.

Major League Baseball has held season-opening series in Mexico and Japan in the past. But Taiwan would be a first.

Commissioner Bud Selig always is looking to expand the game's presence on an international scale (while also filling up the league's pockets with cash).

Neither the D-Backs nor the Giants have a Taiwanese player on their roster, as there are only two players from Taiwan in all of baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Hong-Chih Kuo and Washington Nationals right-hander Chien-Ming Wang.

If this series does get approved by the players (voting is going to take place next month), it would be interesting to see how the Snakes would be welcomed to Taiwan.

While the games would be sold out, regardless of who is playing, does anyone from Taiwan have a clue who the Diamondbacks are?


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