Arizona Diamondbacks' Front Office Unhappy; Team Changes Could Be in Works

The Diamondbacks don't have a game today, meaning their current 10-game losing streak can't get any worse until tomorrow's contest at home against the Colorado Rockies.

That doesn't mean there aren't issues to deal meantime.

After recent comments from General Manager Josh Byrnes and Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick, nearly everyone in the Snakes organization should be sweating bullets about their job for the next few months.

Byrnes and Kendrick, obviously displeased and disappointed that the season is seemingly over before summer has officially begun, tell the Arizona Republic that changes are coming to one of the worst teams in baseball.

The National League Championship Series run of 2007 seems decades ago, doesn't it? Kendrick, however, says every department will be examined in an effort to turn the franchise around.

As of today, the D-Backs' winning percentage is .370, their record is 20-34 -- the second-worst in the National League behind the lowly Houston Astros -- and every other team in the D-Backs' division has a winning record.

It's all doom and gloom for Arizona right now, and nobody's job appears to be safe -- nor should it.

Everyone from Byrnes (who is under contract until 2015) to manager A.J. Hinch to slugger Mark Reynolds haven't done what's necessary.

Reynolds and center fielder Justin Upton do lead the majors in one statistical hitting category, but it's probably the ugliest of all the batting (ahem) honors: Strikeouts.

Both are tied at 72 and seem to be having a contest of who can look worse while flailing away at balls in the dirt or not having a quick enough bat to catch up to a fastball.

Not to be outdone, first baseman Adam LaRoche has 50 Ks and is on pace for a career high in the category.

To put it mildly, changes need to happen now. While this season may be a lost cause, the fans need to see some hope for the future, or they won't show up -- not that many of them are attending games now anyway.

The trade deadline is approaching in mid-July. Byrnes should stock up on Red Bull, caffeine pills, and anything else to keep him awake. The dude needs work some magic if he wants to rebuild this squad.

One possible addition could be Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt. The fiery right-hander recently said he would waive his no-trade clause and would even consider going to the Washington Nationals.

Maybe his salary is too high ($15 million per year), but Oswalt and Haren could create a formidable 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation. That would only work, of course, if Haren himself isn't dealt this summer.

Which leads us to another option for Byrnes and Kendrick: They could trade away high-quality players such as Haren, Reynolds, Drew, Upton, and Chris Young for cheap, young prospects.

There are options for the front office over the next few weeks and months, so expect some changes.

The bright side is that it can't really get any worse. Unless they lose tomorrow, which will make 11 straight losses.

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