Arizona Diamondbacks Get Crunched In Los Angeles Dodgers' Home Opener, but Bigger News Comes From Parking Lot

Remember, Arizona D-Backs fans, the season is long and, well, so are the games.

So, the Los Angeles Dodgers pounded the homeboys by a 9-5 count in yesterday afternoon's home opener over on the beautiful Left Coast.

Putting up a five-spot usually will do it, but the Dodgers put up nine, including Manny Ramirez's 547th career homer (that's a bunch), and so it goes.

The win moves the La-La land crew to a surprisingly tepid 28-25 in home openers since the team moved into one of our favorite all-time ballparks back in the day, or the day before the day.

But bad vibes of the day don't go to Arizona starter Ian Kennedy, who got his proverbial tits lit up in his debut.

Instead, they go to myriad law-enforcement authorities who did the following B.S. (click here) before and maybe during the nearly four-hour game.

No snarky comment necessary here.

The early-season series with the division-rival Dodgers continues tonight at 7:30 from Chavez Ravine. TV: Fox Sports Net. Radio: KTAR AM. For more information, go to

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Paul Rubin
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