Arizona Diamondbacks Officially Suck, Lose Yet Another Series to San Diego Padres

Watching that pennant race in the NL West is entertaining, except for that part where you realize the Arizona Diamondbacks were toast as of a couple weeks ago.

The D-backs lost yet another series to the San Diego Padres, although the Snakes managed to win at least one game in the series, unlike the previous two sets.

Now, Diamondbacks fans can officially go into "Chicago Cubs mode," which involves moral victories and talk about "next year."

Rookie pitcher Tyler Skaggs pitched a whole three innings on Friday, after he managed to give up five runs, including a three-run bomb for Chase Headley.

Miguel Montero actually tied this game up in the eighth inning, but the Diamondbacks found a way to blow it again -- Daniel Hernandez was pitching in the bottom of the eighth, and promptly gave up another homer to Headley. Final score: 6-5.

Friday's game was more of what the fans expected earlier in the season. Multiple Diamondbacks hit homers -- believe it or not, that includes Justin Upton -- and Wade Miley pitched well.

Including the help of two Jason Kubel bombs, the Diamondbacks won that game 8-5.

Yesterday, though, was the return of the suck.

Another Rookie didn't pitch terribly -- Patrick Corbin went 5 1/3 innings, and gave up three runs, but the bullpen made sure to keep the Diamondbacks out of this game.

Down 3-1 after six, the D-backs threw in sub-par reliever Mike Zagurski, although he walked one and didn't allow a hit.

Takashi Saito came in for Zagurski, and long story short, Chase Headley hit a grand slam.

"Can it get any worse?" you ask yourself. Why, yes, because Carlos Quentin homered in the at-bat after Headley.

The Diamondbacks' comeback in the ninth included one run scored on a fielder's choice. D-backs lose 8-2.

The Diamondbacks have 21 games left to come back from more than 10 games back in the division. According to math, it's possible. According to common sense, "Next year."

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