Arizona Diamondbacks Playoff Tickets Available Starting Tomorrow Morning

Attention all fair-weather sports fans, Johnny-come-latelys, and bandwagon riders: Arizona Diamondbacks playoff tickets are up for sale starting tomorrow morning.

Even though you probably didn't start following the team until they began dominating their division in June, now's your chance to be in the house when this year's astounding D-Backs team makes their first postseason appearance since 2007.

The Diamondbacks will begin selling single-game tickets for the National League Division Series (a.k.a. the first round of the baseball postseason) on Friday morning at 9 a.m.

While it's still up in the air which team Arizona will be facing, the team's guaranteed to have at least one game at Chase Field during the NLDS.

Despite their memorable season, turnout at D-Backs home games at the Chase has been somewhat dodgy this year, averaging around 25,000 fans per game (ranking them 19th in the league in attendance). Those figures should probably rise considerably when the D-Backs continue their improbable quest for another World Series title.

And since the Diamondbacks seem to be coasting their way into the playoffs, it's likely that their first round opponents will be Philadelphia Phillies. Then again, there's still six games left to be played over the next week. As this year's Diamondbacks team has proven time and again, anything could happen. If they somehow manage to finish better than the Milwaukee Brewers, they'll take on the Atlanta Braves

Arizona will need a loud and proud cheering section when they attempt to unseat either of the NL East powerhouses, so here's the details on getting tickets.

According to the D-Backs website, a lottery will be held outside of Chase Field tomorrow morning for tickets to any of the first three NLDS games at the stadium. Patrons will get individually numbered wristbands starting at 8 a.m. A drawing will take place 40 minutes later to determine who gets first dibs at the tickets, which go on sale at 9 a.m.

Admission will also go on sale via the D-Backs website and Ticketmaster.

The magic number for the Diamondbacks remains at two games after yesterday's victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Arizona has a chance to clinch the NL West crown this weekend when they battle the San Francisco Giants at Chase Field starting tomorrow night.

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