Arizona DPS to Discuss Another Possible I-10 Shooting Incident This Afternoon

The Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will hold a joint press conference this afternoon to discuss another incident possibly related to string of shootings along Interstate 10 that’s terrorized Phoenix motorists for the past two weeks.

This latest incident happened late Saturday night, but Bart Graves of the DPS says he cannot reveal any more information at this time.

If confirmed, this would be the 12th incident and would mark an end to the weekend’s short-lived reprieve from shootings.

With no new incidents to report, most headlines this weekend have been about a 19-year-old man of interest, Oscar de la Torre Munoz, who was detained by DPS on Friday morning and taken in for questioning. Munoz was booked on unrelated charges and remains in jail.

“I want to make [this] really clear: This person that we detained for questioning, it’s not solely about this I-10 shooting situation. We’re interviewing him and asking him about a number of things,” Graves said during a recent press conference.

“There’s been a lot of bad information put out . . . that did not come from this office. [Munoz] was not picked up on an outstanding warrant. He is not a suspect yet. He is being questioned about a number of things [and] was detained by the DPS and booked into jail on unrelated charges.”

As of Sunday morning, Graves confirms these fact still hold.

Since August 29, the DPS and other local and national law enforcement agencies have been investigating a shooting spree on highways in the Phoenix area. Eleven vehicles have been targeted – eight by bullets and three by other projectiles – and all but two incidents have taken place on I-10. One car was shot on Loop 202 and another on I-17.

More than 250 tips have been called in to the DPS hotline in the past few days, and investigators have looked into dozens of reports they’ve deemed credible – DPS announced on Saturday morning it was investigating two other situations, but both have been deemed unrelated.

Details from the news conference will be posted here later. 

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