Arizona Election 2010: Goddard Concedes to Brewer Amid Conservative Field Day

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Terry Goddard won't follow in his father's footsteps as Arizona Governor, at least not this time.

The high-profile Democrat was just one more body thrown on the pyre following Arizona's Election Day slaughter by Republicans.

Goddard conceded to Governor Janice Brewer at about 10 p.m., admitting, "This is not a great year to run as a Democrat."

He's sure right about that. Here are the latest figures from several statewide races as of early this morning, with about 99 percent of precincts reporting. There are still thousands of ballots uncounted in some of the precincts, so a few surprises are possible.

* Brewer's tally against Goddard is now 55 to 42 percent. Though the Governor didn't take Goddard in every county, this is a real walloping. More people voted for Felecia Rotellini than Goddard -- nearly 60,000 more, according to the latest figures.

* Republican Tom Horne steamed Rotellini by 5 percentage points, or about 67,000 votes.

* Republican Doug Ducey will be the next State Treasurer. He's leading Democrat Andrei Cherny by nearly 12 points.

* The longtime Republican state lawmaker from Chandler, John Huppenthal, has beaten Democrat Penny Kotterman in the race for state Schools Superintendent, Horne's old gig. He's up by nearly 10 points.

* The Arizona Corporation Commission looks like it will keep its 3-2 Republican majority. Incumbent Gary Pierce and former lawmaker Brenda Burns have healthy leads against their Democratic (and Libertarian and Green Party) opponents.

* Senator John McCain beat Glassman, who never came within sight of his target.

* Republican Paul Gosar, a Flagstaff dentist, whupped Democrat incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick by 50 to 44 percent.

* Ben Quayle took Jon Hurlburd for a ride. Fifteen-point spread on that one, as of early Wednesday.

* David Schweikert ousted incumbent Democrat Harry Mitchell by nearly 10 points -- not even close.

* Raul Grijalva appears to have squeaked out a win against Republican Ruth McClung, but only by a bare 3 points.

* The race between Gabrielle Giffords and Jesse Kelly is too close to call, though the incumbent Democrat has maintained a slight lead.

* The Arizona State Senate now has a super-majority, and the House has gained four seats, according to the Arizona Guardian.

Apparently, we only thought this state was right-wing. Now it really will be.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.