Arizona GOP Presidential Primary Likely Another Race For Second Place; Mitt Romney Holds Double-Digit Lead

Arizona's GOP presidential primary, like New Hampshire's, will likely be another race for second place -- according to a recently released poll, former Massachusetts Governor (and one-time Joe Arpaio butt-smoocher) Mitt Romney has a double-digit lead over each of his opponents in the "Colt Single-Action Army Revolver" state.

The poll, conducted by Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center, has Romney getting 41-percent of the vote -- a 27-point lead over the silver-medalist, fagala-phobic former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

The pollsters interviewed 553 registered Republican Arizona voters from January 5-9.

Romney's huge lead in a state like Arizona is somewhat surprising when you consider the state's far-right-wing political leanings -- other candidates, like Santorum, are much more conservative than a "Massachusetts moderate" like Romney. However, Romney's got the whole Mormon thing going on, which pays off in a state like Arizona (in case you hadn't noticed, Arizona's full of Mormons).

Romney is one of several GOP candidates who puckered up to the ass of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio with the hopes of landing his endorsement in order to appear tough on illegal immigration. Former candidates Herman Cain and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann also sought the sheriff's nod.

Arpaio, however, threw his support behind Texas Governor Rick Perry -- who currently is in fourth place with 5-percent of Arizona's GOP vote, according to the poll.

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich took the bronze, according to the poll, with 9-percent. Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Utah Governor John Huntsman tallied 4-percent and 2-percent respectively.

See the entire poll here.

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