Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Won't Take Action on Immigration Bill Today; Will Unveil Border Security Plan Instead

Governor Jan Brewer announced this afternoon that she won't take any action today on a  contentious anti-illegal-immigrant bill.

Instead, Brewer says she'll unveil a new border security plan at a news conference scheduled for 4:30 p.m. at the Papago Park Military Reservation, 5636 East McDowell Road. An e-mail sent to the media about Brewer's day doesn't give specifics on the border plan, but the news conference's location suggests it could involve National Guard troops.

Brewer made a renewed call for troops at the border last month, though the feds rejected the idea in 2009.

Her plan will be important news, whatever it is, but the bigger question for now is what she'll do with the immigration bill.

"All eyes are on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) as she decides to sign or veto Senate bill 1070," states the Washington Independent newspaper today.

The bill would make it a state crime for illegal immigrants to be in Arizona and require local police to enforce federal immigration law.

Supported by foes of illegal immigration, the bill has been a lightning rod for criticism of the state. Today, a Catholic cardinal in Los Angeles likened it to Nazism.

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