Arizona Guardian News Site Hawks Its Line of Name-Brand Apparel

The Arizona Guardian news site hung out a cyber-shingle for a new, online store chock full of paraphernalia sporting the start-up's name.

Perhaps a bit cheesy, but we wouldn't overly fault the Guardian, a site started by laid-off journalists from the East Valley Tribune, for trying to scrape up a few extra dollars. The site is being bankrolled, for the time being, by a Democratic political consultant, but it's also trying to sell subscriptions. It could be that its new subscribers have been clamoring for Arizona Guardian spaghetti tank-tops, messenger bags, and bibs.

For all anyone knows, Web sites like the Guardian will become the primary source of news in the future and their schwag will be worn proudly by savvy readers.

On the other hand, items like today's "AzG Modern Wall Clock" (for the not-so-low price of $41.99), could be tomorrow's rare collectible.

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