Arizona Has a Higher Percentage of Global-Warming Believers Than Any Other State

People in Arizona are more likely to believe that global warming is a real thing than people in any other state.

It may be easy to believe, since a large portion of the state is essentially a Crock-Pot that cooks humans during the summer, but it may also be difficult to believe, given the conspiracy-theorist brand of politics here that doesn't seem to be incredibly uncommon.

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A story from Politico on the American public's belief in global warming explains that more people believe in the phenomenon than you might think.

Citing 15 years' worth of public surveys on global warming done by the the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, affiliated with Stanford University, the story makes mention of the polling that found Arizona has the highest percentage of people who "believe that global warming has probably been happening."

The survey found 86 percent of Arizonans believe in probable global warming.

Politico cited the Stanford institute's senior fellow saying that the percentage of people who then say global-warming is manmade is essentially the same across the board.

Gee, our own governor couldn't really but together a coherent statement confirming her belief in global warming.

"Everybody has an opinion on it, you know, and, uh, you know, I probably don't believe that it's manmade," Brewer told 3TV in December. "I believe that, uh, you know, um, weather elements are controlled maybe by, uh, different things."

One wing-nut legislator even proposed a bill this year that would let teachers tell children their own opinions about certain scientific theories, including global warming.

Still, there are some issues raised with the polling, and you can read about that in the Politico piece.

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