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Arizona Inmate Admits, for "Religious Reasons," to Murdering Woman in Canada in 1992. One Problem: Police Have No Idea if She Even Existed

Police in Regina, Saskatchewan have got themselves a little pen pal at an Arizona prison.

The inmate isn't writing about how cozy his cell is, life on the yard, or being a prison-gang gossip queen, he's writing to let them know that he murdered a woman in Regina back in 1992 and then buried her body on the outskirts of town.

Regina cops, however, can't seem to pinpoint who this woman was, or if she even existed.

Police there and the Arizona Department of Corrections won't reveal the name of the inmate but say he started penning Canadian authorities in 2008, admitting to the murder of an unknown woman, claiming he needed to come forward for "religious reasons."

Religious reasons or a free trip to Canada to locate the body, Regina police took the admission seriously.

According to the Regina department, the inmate claims he met the woman at a bar in town and slept with her.

In the morning, the woman claimed the inmate assaulted her, sparking an argument that ended when he strangled her, drove her body about 25 miles out of town, and buried it.

And you thought you've had a bad one-night stand.

Police in Regina say they have looked through missing person reports filed around the time the inmate claims to have murdered the woman and can't find anyone who matches the description given by the prisoner.

The inmate is actually scheduled to be released at some point, according to Regina police, which may lend some credence to his claim (um, lends a little stupidity, too).

It is believed tht the inmate is holding back some key details in his story and police say they will continue to investigate.

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