Arizona Capitol

Arizona Legislators Want Official State Gun. This Should Help State's Image

Only in Arizona (and maybe Utah)...

More than 40 Arizona state legislators have signed on to a bill that would make the Colt single-action Army revolver the official state firearm.

Like many actions taken by the Legislators this legislative session, the move seems to defy all logic.

In case you forgot, there was a (ahem) little shooting incident that happened in Tucson last month that left six people dead and several others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, wounded. The incident sparked cries from the sane that perhaps Arizona's gun laws are a bit too lax, and the state's gun culture should be abandoned.

We poked around a bit, and learned that no other state in the country has an official state gun. In fact, Utah is the only other state to consider such a useless piece of legislation, and recently proposed a similar bill that is currently working its way through its Legislature.

So, with no other state in the country having an official state gun, and Arizona recently suffering through one of the most tragic mass shootings in American history, perhaps -- for image sake -- the gun nuts in the Arizona state Legislature could have held off on proposing such a thoughtless piece of legislation that serves literally no purpose.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee today. It's sponsored by all the usual suspects -- Russell Pearce, Judy Burgess, and the rest of the crazies in the Legislature that seem to be hell-bent on making living in Arizona the punchline to a joke. See all their names here.

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