Arizona Man Rides Mule-Drawn Wagon From Minnesota to Texas For Jesus

An Arizona man rolled through Le Mars, Iowa today on his journey from Minnesota to Texas. For a trip like that, someone would probably want a reliable car, right? Not this guy.

Randy Boehman has opted to make the nearly 1,000-mile trek on a mule-drawn covered wagon.

Why would someone travel this far using mules?


Boehman tells the Le Mars Daily Sentinal that he sees it as his duty to travel the country to tell people about Christ.

He couldn't do that in a Honda Civic?

"I'm traveling down the road in a covered wagon telling people about Jesus," Boehmer says. "Jesus saves...ask Him."

Will do.

Boehman's making much of his journey through the region of the country known as the "Bible Belt." Don't people already get it there, Randy?

Boehman's wagon is not your average Oregon Trail-style buggy. It's equipped with a wood-burning stove and solar panels he uses to charge his cell phone.

Boehman's got the idea to journey by wagon for the Lord when his mother died in 1991; he says he had an epiphany.

"I saw the futility of chasing the things of this world," he says. "You just haul it all to the dump in the end."

Boehman has already mule-powered from Indiana to Florida and from Florida to Minnesota.

He has no current plans to return to Arizona to spread the gospel anytime soon.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.