Jesse Lee Wise
Jesse Lee Wise

Arizona Man Who Took Bus to Virginia to Meet 13-Year-Old For Sex Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

The Glendale man who took a bus all the way to Virginia to meet and possibly have sex with a 13-year-old girl last July, pleaded guilty in federal court this morning.

Jesse Lee Wise, a 25-year-old door-to-door salesman, admitted to trying to entice a minor for sex and is looking at some pretty serious prison time.

Back in May, Wise began talking with the girl over Myspace. When the conversation turned sexual and Wise unwisely began pressuring the girl to meet him, she told her parents, who called the police.

Unfortunately for Wise, she didn't bother telling him about disclosing the relationship to her parents and Wise unknowingly continued the conversations with a Virginia State Trooper.

Wise promised cops posing as the girl that he would come to Virginia, bring her a ring, and whisk her back to Arizona.

However, when the police found Wise living in a tent outside a public library in the girl's Virginia town of Chesapeake, they whisked him away to jail instead.

Wise is scheduled to be sentenced January 22 and faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.


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