Arizona Republic Pays Homage to a Miserable Decade of Hockey in Arizona

The Arizona Republic has compiled a list of what it feels are the top 10 Phoenix Coyotes stories of the decade and as, um, shocking as it may seem, only two of them actually pertain to something the team did on the ice.

Frankly, they're the only two stories on the Republic's list -- in retrospect -- that could even be considered positive.

Check it out here.

The list is little more than a series of tragedies that make the current state of the franchise -- bankrupt, owned by the league, and probably on its way to Canada -- a bit more understandable.

The Republic says the only high points this decade, as far as the team's play is concerned,  happened in 2004, when Coyotes goalie Brian Boucher had five consecutive shutouts -- that story came in at number four. The other was the "White Out," where fans showed up wearing white the last time the Coyotes went to the playoffs -- in 2002.

The rest of the list is a collection of tragic tales of financial troubles, a failed coach, and a failed stadium.

Get ready Canada -- here they come.


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