Feathered Bastard

Arizona Republican Party Hate-Fest Video

Above is videographer Dennis Gilman's take on the state GOP meeting in January, which I covered in a previous post.

As you'll see, a lot of Arizona Republicans, not unlike their national counterparts, define themselves by what they hate: President Barack Obama, minorities, gays, and the undocumented.

Which makes Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's scandal as exposed by my colleague Monica Alonzo even more intriguing. 

Babeu has been a right-wing icon, revered by Tea Party types for his tough talk on border issues. Now, he's alleged to have threatened an ex-boyfriend with deportation, all over the issue of his sexual preference.

Perhaps if so many Republicans were not blinded by loathing and obsessed with fear-mongering, someone like Babeu could be an openly gay man and support gay marriage and gays in the military without feeling the wrath of his fellow GOPers.

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