Arizona State University is Full of Douchebags, According to Buzzfeed

GQ recently released its "heavily researched, possibly stereotypey" guide to our nation's "Ivoriest Towers of douchery." Unlike the magazine's 2009 "Douchiest Colleges" rankings, neither Arizona State University or University of Phoenix On-line made the cut -- likely because the magazine has since switched from a top 25 format to a top 10.

Buzzfeed, however, made its own list in response to what it feels are some inaccuracies on GQ's douchiness rankings, on which ASU ranks fifth as far as collegiate douchebags go.

See Buzzfeed's complete list here.

In 2009, ASU came in at the number 14 spot on GQ's 25-university list, as being the home of the "show us your tits" brand of douchebag.

According GQ, while a student at ASU, you're most likely to "inadvertently find an Internet picture of that girl from your Robert Ludlum seminar, sunburned and topless while vomiting a melon-ball shooter through her nose."

But Sun Devils aren't the only Valley D-bags -- University of Phoenix made it all the way to the number 12 spot on GQ's 2009 list. The web-based university is said to be the home of the "online douche."

In 10 years, GQ claims, a U of P graduate is most likely to be "sending e-mails that say, "Hello Dear Friend, I am Dr. Martin from Congo and I must trust you to be the recipient of $4mil dollarz US currencee."

University of Arizona received honorable mention as a "show us your tits" institution.

On this year's list, Cornell, Penn State, and Yale make up the top three douchiest colleges in the country.

See GQ's complete 2009 list here. See this year's rankings here.

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