Arizona State's Matthew Scully, Sarah Palin's Speechwriter

By Amy Silverman

She's from a different "A" state, but turns out, Sarah Palin has a big Arizona connection -- and I'm not talking about John McCain. Matthew Scully -- Arizona State University grad, one-time writer for Dan Quayle and also George W. -- is writing tonight's speech.

Scully is a fascinating character. We wrote about him way back when, first in the mid-90s, and again later, when he published a book, Dominion, about animal rights. He's a pro-God, pro-veggie kinda guy, just the sort of iconoclast you'd expect to be ghosting for the likes of Palin. (Though I wonder what he thinks of all the hunting rifles and animal skin rugs.)

The piece he wrote for the Atlantic Monthly about his not-so-great time in the Bush White House is still in "to read" piles around here. Wonder if Scully's imagining a better experience in a future Oval Office? I'd call to ask, but I bet he's busy today.


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