Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Bid by Andrew Thomas on Civil Litigation Issue; Republic Defends Arpaio and Thomas in Editorial

That was quick.

The Arizona Supreme Court has rejected Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' appeal of his failed lawsuit over the power to handle the county's civil lawsuits.

Click heref or the short, to-the-point ruling.



As one reader pointed out, the state Supreme Court implies that Thomas ought to try the Court of Appeals first, so maybe that's his next step. Thomas' office has not commented on the ruling yet.

Unexpectedly, the Arizona Republic ran an unsigned opinion column this weekend that blasted the County Supervisors for their role in the ongoing county feud. Here's an excerpt:

Rather than make any effort to resolve disputes, the supervisors have set a course for conflict. They are determined to raise the stakes and buckle their enemies - most notably, but not exclusively, Thomas - at the knees.

From our view, the supervisors are attempting to neutralize their opponents by centralizing what power they can in their own hands - which, of course, means taking power from their enemies. Most often, they are aggressively punishing combative elected officials like Arpaio, Thomas and County Treasurer Hos Hoskins through the budgets the supervisors control.

The only problem with this point of view is that it leaves readers in a world of gray -- though, honestly, we're not sure how to avoid that world. Are there good guys and bad guys in this feud, or is everyone tainted?

Or are some tainted more than others?

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