Arizona Targeted in Federal Anti-Meth Ad Campaign; Are They Trying to Tell Us We Have a Problem?

According to national statistics, you are likely to see more toothless meth-heads roaming the streets of Phoenix than almost anywhere in the country. As a result, Phoenicians have a new anti-meth ad campaign to look forward to, compliments of the federal government.

If it's even half as terrifying as the horrific ads from The Arizona Meth Project, we're all in for a treat.

Federal Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske says that Arizona is one of 16 states with the worst meth problem, and is going to be the target of a $9 million media blitzkrieg that kicked off yesterday in Missouri.

"Despite the overall decline in meth usage across the country, we still have work to do," Kerlikowske tells the Associated Press. "This drug leaves a path of destruction that affects individuals, families and entire communities."

According to the Arizona Meth Use and Attitude Survey, the average age for an Arizonan to first try meth is 14, and that one in every 25 teens has used the drug.

With those kinds of numbers, meth seems to be just as much of an Arizona pastime as it is a problem. What's the fed gonna do next, run cheese steaks out of Philadelphia?


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