Arizona Voters "Narrowly Oppose" Legalizing Marijuana, According to Latest Poll

Arizona voters "narrowly oppose" marijuana legalization, according to the latest poll on the issue.

Scutari and Cieslak Public Relations' poll is the fourth poll conducted on the issue in the last year, all by different polling companies. Two of the polls have showed voters supporting legalizing marijuana, and the other two show a majority of voters against it.

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According to the results from Scutari and Cieslak (a local firm), 51 percent of their poll respondents opposed legalizing marijuana, with 43 percent in favor of it, and the remainder undecided.

The party breakdown was generally similar to past poll results -- Democrats favor it, Republicans really don't, and independents are split, but a little more in favor of legalization than not.

The three other polls on marijuana legalization showed 60 percent, 56 percent, and 36 percent of voters in favor of marijuana legalization.

Legalization is starting to become an issue in Arizona, as there are two related proposals at the Legislature this year. One seeks to decriminalize pot possession, while another aims for actual legalization.

Meanwhile, a grassroots group is trying to gather signatures to get legalization on the ballot in 2014, while a large national group is looking to get the issue on ballots in 2016.

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