Arizona's 10-Member Congressional Delegation is Collectively Worth More Than $60 Million

The Center for Responsive Politics recently released its list of the net worth of every member of Congress, and we've learned a few things about Arizona's Congressional delegation.

For starters, Arizona's 10-member delegation is worth a collective $60,806,459, with fagala-phobic Congressman Trent Franks' $33,925,002 making up more than half of the collective pot (Franks is the founder of Liberty Petroleum Corp., and still owns stock in the company).

Of Arizona's 10 members of Congress, 40-percent are millionaires, including Franks, Senator John McCain, and congressmen David Schweikert and Ed Pastor.

Thirdly, Congressman Jeff Flake should start selling drugs -- dude's the poorest member of Arizona's Congressional delegation with an estimated net worth of $65,001.

Below is the net worth of each of Arizona's members of Congress:

-Trent Franks: $33,925,002
-David Schweikert: $6,165,011
-Ed Pastor: $1,072,005
-Paul Gosar: $982,501
-Gabrielle Giffords: $865,516
-Ben Quayle: $846,544
-Raul Grijalva: $163,504
-Jeff Flake: $65,001

-John McCain: $16,017,639
-Jon Kyl: $676,736

These figures are based on the most-recent financial disclosure statements from each member of Congress. See the complete list here.

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