Arizona's 1070 Law: What a Joke!

Arizona's possibly soon-to-be law that makes it a crime to be in the state without 'jer paypers' has made us the butt of jokes, the target of boycotts, and created a feeling of tension and angst in the Latino community. Yeah, even the legal ones.

But not to be completely dampened by 1070, some have joined late-night political satirists in getting good laughs over what apparently passes as good public policy in Arizona.

Texts and pix messages have gone viral, popping up on the phones of Latinos, at least, across the Southwest.

Here are a few:

"If I get pulled over
and the cop says, 'Papers,'
and I say, 'Scissors,' do I win?"

"Hey man, what happened? I tried calling your cell the other day and got a recording: 'I'm sorry, the Mexican you are trying to reach has been deported. Please try your call again later. Message 1070."

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