Arizona's Most Popular Baby Names Released by Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration has announced Arizona's most popular baby names for 2009 and -- confirming the findings of a similar study conducted in December -- it seems that the early-90s Baywatch trend is hot with new Arizona parents: The name Logan has emerged as one of the state's more popular names.

Logan is now the 19th most popular name for boy babies born in Arizona, with 330 new Logans joining the world this year.

No word yet on whether the sale of surf boards has skyrocketed as a result.

Jacob and Isabella have emerged as the favorites for Arizonans, with the addition of 490 Jacobs, and 536 Isabellas this year.

Another interesting tidbit from this year's list -- as expected as it may or may not be -- is that Hispanic names are on the rise in Arizona.

The names Angel, Jesus, and Jose are all in this year's top 20, which is a vast improvement from the same list from 1989, where the most Hispanic-sounding name was Justin.

Click here to check out the whole list.

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