Arizona's Own "Obama Girl," State Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Comments on Obama Health-Care Rant

Last week, Arizona schools chief Tom Horne warned of hero worship when President Obama addressed the nation's school children Tuesday.

Horne probably should have broadened his warning to include starstruck state legislators, as well as the nation's youth.

Case in point: Barack's biggest fan, Representative Kyrsten Sinema.

It seems as though every time the president takes a sip of water, his Arizona "Obama Girl" is chomping at the bit to tell us all how refreshing it was.

Guess how she felt about Obama's speech to Congress last night. Give up? We'll give you a hint: She freaking loved it!

Here's her statement, complete with a plea for reform:

"Last night, President Obama made it very clear that health reform should focus on the basic issue that no American should ever be denied quality health care because they can't afford it. Our health-care system is broken, and families and businesses are being crushed by high health-care costs," she says. "The American people deserve better."

Kyrsten, put a sock in it; we get it already!


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