Arizona's Pac-10 Men's Basketball Teams Go In Different Directions Over Weekend

Terrible and strange weekend that it was, life (by which we mean sports) didn't stop because of the Tucson massacre, what with the National Football League wild-card and Pacific-10 basketball games carrying on as scheduled.

We're here to talk about the Arizona schools and how they fared at home against the Bay Area schools in the Pac-10's second weekend:

Quick analysis:

The ASU Sun Devils stunk, losing to both Stanford and California, neither team which is going to mistake anyone for, say, a league title contender. The end of the Cal game yesterday afternoon, in which the Devils missed several makable three-point attempts trying to tie things up after a nice comeback, was maddening.

The Arizona Wildcats, which in turn won both of its games against the Nor-Cal schools, is now sitting at 3-1 in the league (ASU is 1-3), is no great shakes either

We gratuitously threw in the Sports Illustrated pre-season cover for fun--that Arizona team was one game from the Final Four, by the way, losing to Kansas in a thriller.)

But the Cats seem deeper up front than their hated rivals to the north, and especially dominated Stanford on the boards yesterday afternoon (the game was postponed from Saturday afternoon until yesterday afternoon in the afternoon of the shootings of Representative Giffords, Judge Roll and the other folks).


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