Stephen Lemons Column

Arpaio Sought Assistance From Former AG Tom Horne's Office in Dealing With Confidential Informant

Ever wonder why Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsed ethically-challenged former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne during the 2014 GOP primary?

Four years earlier, Arpaio had backed now-disbarred former County Attorney Andy Thomas over Horne in the 2010 Republican primary for AG, with the sheriff's spending some of own campaign kitty to run ads labeling Horne as pro-amnesty.

But after Horne won in a squeaker, Arpaio dropped Thomas like a sack of hot rocks, supporting Horne in the general.

Arpaio likes to have a prosecutor in his pocket, if he can. And when Horne eked out a win in 2010, Uncle Tom took up residence alongside Arpaio's spare change, toenail clippers, and executive washroom key.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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