Arpaio Struts into the Civic Center and Vows It's Not His Last Campaign

By Paul Rubin

Well ahead in the votes counted, Sheriff Joe Arpaio strutted into the Phoenix Civic Center South Hall a few minutes ago and had this to say:

"This is not my last campaign! People hear me, not my last campaign! I don't want to bad-mouth the media, but every time you guys blast me, my polls go higher and higher."

Someone shouted out, "What do you think of the Hispanic community?"

Arpaio laughed and said, "I love the Hispanic community. I lived in Mexico City for four years. The Hispanics who obey the law love me. The Hispanics that don't obey the law had better look out."

Somebody else asked him if he represented all the people of the county.

The aged lawman answered, "Evidently, the people of Maricopa County like the job I'm doing." Then, he added ominously, "I might even do it more."

Lisa Allen, the PR woman behind the Arpaio publicity machine, shouted out to her boss that all the big local TV stations were waiting for their live shots. But he couldn't help himself, when a college reporter and his camera person stopped him. The reporter asked him how he felt on this Election Night.

"I've faced re-election 10 times and I've won 10 times," he said. "This sheriff is not going to be a guy who loses an election."

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