Arpaio Tweet of the Day: Kelli Ward Can't 'Handle the (Twitter) Truth'

Joe Arpaio vs. Dr. Kelli Ward: Who can't handle the Twitter truth?
Joe Arpaio vs. Dr. Kelli Ward: Who can't handle the Twitter truth? Jim Louvau
As you may remember, @RealSheriffJoe blocked Phoenix New Times on Twitter last week, but we remain determined to keep you informed on U.S. Senate candidate Joe Arpaio's social media musings.

This morning, he's upset because one of his opponents, Dr. Kelli Ward, blocked him on Twitter.

He says she's accusing him of avoiding a debate. But apparently, he only wants a confrontation on social media, and accuses her of blocking him on Twitter "because she couldn't handle the truth."

We need you on that wall, Joe, we need you on that wall. Just don't fall off. 
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