Arpaio's Deputies Stage Apparent Courthouse Sick-Out on Heels of Jailing of MCSO Detention Officer Found in Contempt of Court

It was mass confusion at the Maricopa County Courthouse today.

About 20 county Sheriff's Office deputies and detention officers called in sick, a possibly orchestrated "action" that wreaked havoc with courtroom schedules and the transportation of inmates from the county jail for hearings and other matters.

The sick-out, if that's truly what it was, came on the heels of today's incarceration of detention officer Adam Stoddard.

He's the guy who lifted allegedly suspicious documents from a defense attorney during a recent sentencing hearing, and now is being held indefinitely on a contempt-of-court charge for not apologizing in a press conference ordered by the county's presiding criminal judge, Gary Donahoe.

Adding to the confusion, somebody called in an unrelated bomb threat to the courthouse this mornng.

It came from a guy who apparently claimed to be upset with the county Public Defender's Office.

Authorities promptly evacuated the adjacent East and Central Court buildings and the surrounding streets, and searched for a few hours (thankfully to no avail) for the explosive device.


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