Feathered Bastard

Arpaio's First Racial Profiling Sweep of the New Year Starts Tomorrow

Arpayaso harasses brown folk again, this time near Buckeye.

Hot off his trip to NYC where he made an ass of himself on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's starting his first Hispanic-hunting foray of the season, as you can see from the press release below. The anti-brown dragnet gets down tomorrow near I-10 and Miller Road, nearby the town of Buckeye, where anyone near the shade of a brown-paper bag can expect to get pulled by the MCSO's boys in beige. As always, you pasty-faced gabachos get a free pass.

Don't be fooled by all the talk of "human smuggling" and "homicide victims." Everyone knows the MCSO is not a professional law enforcement agency. Heck, if Joe were concerned about murders, why not start worrying about the ones in his own jails? You know, like those of Juan Mendoza Farias, who went into Joe's gulags and never made it out alive, or Robert Cotton, the subject of an Aryan Brotherhood hit caught on tape last year.

Sure, there are probably some good deputies in the MCSO mix. (Especially the ones that talk to New Times.) But Arpaio carries himself more like Al Capone than Eliot Ness these days. Even on Conan last night, he was thumbing his nose at the FBI, more akin to a two-bit hoodlum than a man of the badge.

The folowing press release has yet to be posted to the MCSO's Web site. It was sent to us by a concerned citizen, as the MCSO's press office cuts New Times out of the loop. Can you figure that? Tsk, tsk.

SHERIFF'S CRIME SUPPRESSION AND HUMAN SMUGGLING OPERATION COMES TO BUCKEYE AREA (Phoenix, AZ.) The first crime suppression/human smuggling operation of 2009 by Sheriff's immigration trained deputies and volunteer posse will occur on Friday afternoon, January 9 in the west valley area near Buckeye. Four other crime suppression/human smuggling operations took place in 2008 in cities throughout the valley.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says the area is being targeted for the operation largely due to it being a dumping ground for homicide victims, most of who are believed to be illegal aliens. The operation takes place near Interstate 10 and Miller Road where a few weeks ago, a burning body was discovered by a passer by. According to Sheriff's investigators, the body was a male subject in his 20's or 30's and was likely burned alive. The victims' hands and feet were tied. No other trauma was determined by the autopsy.

In the last five years, 11 other bodies have been found in the area, all homicide victims, many shot execution style and bound and tied. These 11 were determined to be illegal immigrants who were either killed nearby or killed elsewhere and dumped in area of I-10 and Miller Road.

 "This area is a hotbed of human smuggling traffic much of which has bred violence," Arpaio says. "The local news media has never given the correct proportional coverage of these murders. Had it done so, these homicides might have been solved by now."

Arpaio says the west valley roadways are well travelled by human smugglers making their way with their human cargo to destinations in California or eastern U.S. cities. In 2008, the Sheriff's human smuggling unit has made 180 felony arrests in the area including 22 coyotes and 158 of co-conspirators. In this same year (2008) and in this very area, Sheriff's deputies took off 14 drop houses and confiscated over 650 pounds of marijuana during interdiction efforts.

In the jails since April 2007, over 20,500 inmates have been identified as illegal aliens and processed for deportation. The Sheriff's Office remains the only law enforcement agency enforcing all aspects of the state human smuggling laws. County Attorney Andrew Thomas remains a critical partner with Sheriff Arpaio in this fight against illegal immigration.

Friday's operation will include the use of deputies and volunteer posse numbering about 200 men and women. All laws, including traffic violations, will be enforced, Arpaio says. And in the course of their law enforcement duties, where illegal immigrants are found, they will be arrested and booked into jail. The Sheriff's command post will be set up on Miller Road, north of I-10 where the Sheriff will kick off the operation with a briefing at 3PM. For more information, contact the public information office.

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