Ashley Buckman's 4-Year-Old Daughter Dies From Injuries, Now It's a Homicide

Ashley Buckman's 4-year-old daughter died last night, just one day after Buckman and her boyfriend, James Edwards, were arrested for horrific alleged abuses of the girl.

Toryn Buckman was pronounced brain dead when she was brought to Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday night, after what Edwards told police was five or six months of abuse of the girl.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the girl had injuries to her face, mouth, neck, chest, torso, back, and arms, including burns on her buttocks, genitals, legs, and hands, as well as several broken ribs and ripped-off nipples.

According to those documents, police were told that the girl was not expected to survive, and Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times the girl died Thursday night.

When authorities arrived at Buckman and Edwards' Phoenix apartment, they noticed an "obvious pattern injury consistent to a clothes hanger throughout her body," in addition to the other injuries.

Thompson says homicide investigators were handling this case from the get-go, adding that some of the longtime investigators are saying this is one of the worst child-abuse cases they've ever seen.

Buckman admitted to beating her daughter with said clothes hanger, as well as smacking her daughter in the mouth, assaulting her daughter for "disciplinary reasons over an extended period of time," and twisting her nipples until they bled -- nipples that were eventually ripped off, according to the documents.

Thompson says the two most recent incidents came on Tuesday, when the girl was beaten by her mother for a bathroom-in-the-bed incident, and again on Wednesday, when she told investigators she hit her daughter for being "naughty again."

It's around the time of that last beating that the girl went unconscious, and 911 was called.

At her initial appearance before a judge, Buckman changed her story, saying she gave her attorney proof that she didn't do anything.

According to what Edwards told police, the couple had been assaulting the girl over five or six months, the documents say.

He said he had "disciplin[ed]" the girl using either his hand or a remote control, according to the documents, and admitted to being the guy responsible for the burns on the girl.

That was due to placing her into a bathtub with "scalding hot water" several weeks ago, but those burns were still visible.

Edwards was jailed on two felony child-abuse charges, while Buckman was jailed on four, but the best guess is that's going to change now that it's a homicide case.

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