Ask a Mexican on Mexicans Putting Down Their Own People

Why are we put down by our own people for being educated and articulate (I've been called gabacho, and I'm as brown as the next guy) while the Anglos accept us for being smart? I work in Santa Ana as a high school teacher and am considered very good at what I do, but when I meet with the Mexican parents, it almost borders on mistrust. What is it — envy, paranoia, jealousy?

Smart Mexican American Reading Teacher Asking Serious Stuff

Don't flatter yourself too much. Anti-intellectualism is rampant in American life — witness this country electing Dubya as president for two terms, liberals slobbering over Hillary Clinton, and conservatives elevating Michelle Malkin and Hugh Hewitt to sabios when the thinking part of this country rightfully relegates them to pendejo pendejos. But tell you what: You're enlightened, so guide those hater Mexicans to the Light. Let them know that the only way ahead in this country is to be educated and articulate — and then guide them to me instead of your arrogant ass.

When I'm around my workers I keep hearing the word camote, and they are not speaking about yams. What is the slang use of camote?

The Gabacho from Sylmar

Usually, it means "penis." Every once in a while, it can mean a cerote, which means a "turd." Ain't Mexican Spanish slang grand?

I know they're biased and I've no doubt only the most incendiary shots were used. But I was watching YouTube last night, and there were a lot of videos concerning the amnesty marches of a couple of years ago. Naturally one-sided, I still couldn't help but notice two recurring themes: One was Mexicans burning, stomping and desecrating the American flag. Another was Mexicans consistently using the terms "racist" or "Nazi" to describe American citizens, born or naturalized, who oppose amnesty. Certainly, sympathy for the cause was not a goal of this march. What is your take on that?

Old Glory Gary

I've been to immigration protests where Know-Nothings assaulted peaceful protesters and burned the Mexican flag. I've seen immigration protests where gabachas called little kids "cockroaches" and "savages" and gabachos menaced college students. I've seen immigration protests where Know-Nothings spewed all sort of modern-day blood libel on Mexicans, with little fear of reprisal. I agree that burning American flags ain't going to win anyone over to amnesty, but at least the only people on our side who support such moves are indigenazis and yaktivists who grow out of it. Your side, on the other hand, not only condones the boorishness of your worst Know-Nothings — you elect them again and again to office because of those tactics. Or do you think the only reason Sheriff Joe Arpaio has stayed in office so long is because of his porcine good looks?

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Gustavo Arellano
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