ASU Men's Basketball Desperate for Win--but Unlikely to Get it Tonight Vs. Washington

First, we note that the lowly Cleveland Cavs somehow beat the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers last night in what has to rank as the sports upset of this new year. A real stunner.

ASU coach Herb Sendek needs help from the basketball gods

For the ASU Sun Devils to beat a very strong Washington team tonight at the Wells Fargo Arena won't rank nearly that high on the improbable meter, but will hover in the general vicinity.

The Devils are firmly ensconced in the Pac-10 basement, and won their only league game on New Year's Day up in Eugene (the final game at Oregon's venerable MacArthur Court). That would be ten games and about six weeks ago.


The Huskies, who were preseason picks to win the Pac-10, find themselves two games behind the Arizona Wildcats, whom they will face in a monster match-up on Saturday down in Tucson.

But both Washington and Arizona have to take care of business tonight, the Huskies over in Tempe and the Wildcats in Tucson against sometimes-formidable Washington State.

Tonight's games both start at 6:30, which means that the ASU contest will not be televised. The Cats game is on Channel 34. The Devils' game is available on 860-AM and on the Net, at foxsportsarizona.com.

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