ASU Police File Sex-Abuse Case Against Swim Coach Now at University of Utah

The University of Utah's head swimming coach is accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl while he was the coach of an elite swim team that practices at Arizona State University.

Maricopa County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb confirms to New Times that the ASU Police Department has filed a report recommending two sexual-abuse charges against Greg Winslow, who has been accused of abusing a swimmer he was coaching in Tempe several years ago.

The story was broken by writers for a website called Concussion Inc., and the report details allegations of Winslow kissing and fondling a girl from 2006 to 2007, starting when the girl was 15 years old. Winslow was the coach of the Sun Devil Aquatic Club, which isn't an affiliate of ASU but does use ASU's swimming facility.

"The [victim's] father stated that the abuse suffered by his daughter led to a continually more troubled personal life and a spiral of self-destructive behavior," Concussion Inc.'s report says. "A descent into substance abuse culminated with a suicide attempt."

Although the identity of the alleged victim hasn't been released due to the nature of the allegations, we're aware of the victim's identity.

Now 22, the alleged victim also followed Winslow to Utah for swimming but ended up transferring to a different university.

Scottsdale Police Department logs show that she's been arrested three times since November 2011, starting with an arrest for driving on a suspended license, followed by charges of marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia in February 2012, and a July 2012 arrest for aggravated DUI.

In recent months, she'd posted on Facebook that she went to rehab and had posted a few milestones of sobriety, but she appears to have deleted her profile recently.

The allegation of sexual abuse apparently only came out after the woman's failed suicide attempt.

The first news outlets to obtain the report are saying that a confrontation call between Winslow and the victim are included in the report, although Winslow denied to police that he admitted anything in that call.

No charges have been filed against Winslow at this time, but Cobb tells us that most cases usually take about 30 days with the County Attorney's Office before a determination is made on charges.

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