ASU Police "Looking Into" Possible Criminal Charges Against Wrestlers for Undie Run Attack

Following our earlier post about a video making its rounds on the Interwebs this week, in which two Arizona State University wrestlers are seen attacking another student during the school's annual "Undie Run," the ASU police department got back to us and says it was just made aware of the video and is looking into possible criminal charges against the students.

If you haven't seen it, the attack looks pretty brutal.

Check it out below.

The students seen in the video attacking the student in the blue shirt are ASU junior Te Edwards, and freshman Carlos Castro, who (as you can see by clicking their names) are on the wrestling team.

We had an e-mail exchange with Edwards earlier today, during which we asked for his side of the story. He declined.

"[I've] seen what the media does to people. Its probably best if I just dont get involved," Edwards says.

Umm, A) he's already involved. B) there's not a whole lot the media could do to make him look much worse than he does in the video -- sucker-punching a guy when he's not even looking, and all.

ASU police Commander Michael Thompson tells New Times his department just became aware of the video and is "certainly" looking into it.

Meanwhile, the two already have been suspended from the wrestling team.

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