ASU Police: Man Breaks Into Dorm, Lies About Being Cop, Asks About Drugs, Then Leaves

There's a new addition to Arizona State University's growing list of campus creepsters.

The ASU Police Department warns students who live on campus about a man who -- while wearing shorts and a T-shirt -- claimed he was a police officer and entered the dorm of a female student.

He didn't take anything, and he didn't threaten anyone. He apparently just walked into the woman's room, asked about drugs, and left.

According to ASU police, the woman was sleeping in her dorm in the Barrett Honors College on June 11 when a man walked in through her unlocked door about 3:30 a.m.

He told the woman he was a "police officer in training" and asked her about her drug use before searching her room for contraband.

Then he just left -- without threatening or injuring the woman.

Police said they are still looking for the guy, whom the girl describes as a six-foot-tall Asian man about 180-190 pounds. He was wearing a gray T-shirt and shorts when he claimed to be a "cop in training."

If found, he will face charges of first-degree criminal trespass and impersonating a police officer, police said.

Anyone with information about ASU's faux-cop-in-training is asked to call police at 480-965-3456.

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