ASU President Michael Crow
ASU President Michael Crow

ASU President Michael Crow Named One of 10 Best College Presidents in Country

Time Magazine has named Arizona State University President Michael Crow one of the 10 "best college presidents" in the country -- in part, because he ruined what was traditionally a perfectly good party school.

Under the Crow regime, according to Time, ASU has gone from a school that "has long owned a spot in rankings of American party schools" to a university that is in contention with big-name private institutions.

Time credits Crow with nearly doubling ASU's research budget and attracting a new roster of National Merit Scholars as part of his "New American University."

Crow tells Time that the results of his go-big-or-go-home approach to running the university has changed the minds of skeptics, who believe low acceptance rates and small class sizes are the "icons of excellence."

Since Crow took the helm in 2002, ASU has grown to become the largest university in the country and is in the process of building a new campus in downtown Phoenix.

Under Crow's leadership, ASU has earned a spot on three separate rankings of America's best universities.

In 2006, Playboy magazine ranked ASU as the number-one party school in the country. This year, ASU was bumped to number 20.

Here's to Michael Crow -- murderer of fun.


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