ASU Undie Run Assault, Compliments of the ASU Wrestling Program *VIDEO*

Arizona State University's annual "Undie Run" is all fun and games -- until a guy gets knocked out by a couple of college wrestlers and somebody has the bright idea to post video of the assault on Yotube.

The video has been making the rounds on the Internet the past few days. It shows two members of ASU's wrestling team ganging up on another student, hitting him repeatedly until one of the wrestlers sucker punches him and he falls to the ground. Then, all the undie runners cheer "ASU...ASU."

See video of the assault below.

The two wrestlers have been identified in the comment section of the Youtube video as ASU junior Te Edwards, and freshman Carlos Castro, both of whom (as you can see by clicking their names) are on the wrestling team. Although, ASU officials would not confirm to New Times that these were the two men seen in the video.

ASU athletics spokesman Doug Tammaro would only say that the two men in the video are ASU wrestlers. He tells New Times the university is aware of the video and that the two students featured in it have been suspended from the wrestling team.

"We are handling it with ASU's student-code-of-conduct-policy process and the two student-athletes have been suspended indefinitely from the team pending the outcome of the process," he says.

ASU police were not immediately available for comment on whether any criminal charges have been filed against either wrestler. However, we're told they will be returning our call later this afternoon.

The assault seems pretty brutal, and the wrestlers appear to be thuggish aggressors picking on the apparent victim. However, there are two sides to every story, so we sent Edwards an e-mail asking if he wanted to tell us his side of it. He responded by saying, "The media is just gonna twist my words around and make me look like some high strung, bully when they don't even know the whole story."

He's right -- we don't know the whole story. But we do know we just watched him brutally sucker-punch another student when he wasn't even looking, and we'd kinda like to know why.

Check back for updates.

*UPDATED* ASU police "looking into" criminal charges against wrestlers. Click here.

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