ASU, With Ex-Pentagon Scientist, Announces Aerospace and Military Initiative

Arizona State University announced the formation of a new initiative to develop aerospace and military applications to build the military-industrial complex "partnership between higher education and industry" in Arizona.

The Aerospace and Defense Research Collaboratory will host its launch ceremony in February, the school says. It's being funded by Science Foundation Arizona.

The ADRC will be headed by Mitzi Montoya, the executive dean of the ASU College of Technology Innovation, and Warner Dahm, the former chief scientist of the U.S. Air Force who now runs the Security and Defense Systems Initiative at ASU.

"The Aerospace and Defense sector represents $18 billion in value creation for the Arizona economy," Montoya says in a statement from the University. "The goal of the ADRC is to connect key resources in the state and build partnerships that advance the Arizona A&D sector."

Aside from the $1 million grant he secured for the ADRC, ASU's new repertoire appears to be the frontrunner as the new occupants of the former Air Force Research Lab, now known as Building 561 at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

This new institute is also connected to the Security and Defense Systems Initiative at ASU, which Dahm created in November after his gig at the Pentagon.

The purpose of that program, the University says, is to "address issues of national defense, homeland security, counterterrorism and cyber warfare, as well as issues of border security, narcotics interdiction and cybercrime."

The launch ceremony starts at 8 a.m. on February 11, and will be held at ASU's other, other campus in Mesa.

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