ASU's New, New Sparky Looks a Lot More Like Old Sparky, a Lot Less Like a Child Predator

Arizona State University announced the new, new costume design for Sparky the Sun Devil that was voted on by fans, and the one that looks the least like a child predator is the costume they're rolling with.

Not surprisingly, fans picked the design that looks very similar to the one used in recent years.

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Shortly after ASU showed off its new design for the Sparky mascot costume a couple of months ago, the university announced that it had "received feedback from some of its constituents about the design of the head and face of the mascot costume," which was an understatement, because everyone hated it.

That design, as you can see on the left, looked like the attempted kidnappers of "stranger danger" videos for kids.

(Hey kid, your parents have been in an accident! Hop in my windowless van; you can play with my puppies while we go visit them at the hospital!)

After everyone (rightfully) freaked out over that one, the idea for a vote was raised, and ASU students, faculty, staff, alumni, football season ticket holders, Sun Devil Club members, and donors were given four options (pictured below) to choose from for the new, new design.

Everyone likes an original, so you can bet that fans went with "Option B," since it's the closest to the previous design.

So, after all that, Sparky will look a little different next time you go to a football or basketball game.

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