Attack of the Mutant Piñatas

There is a certain deficit of creativity in the piñata industry that is rivaled only by Hollywood's continued insistence to rehash ancient TV shows rather than come up with an original thought. I mean Sponge Bob? Super Man? Pokemon? I've beaten so many of them to death to get at their sugary insides that I can hardly tell them apart anymore.

If you'd also like to see some piñatas with extra pizazz, look no further than the Briggs Pie's Factory Building. Mutant piñatas have invaded the building offering a look at what piñatas could your scariest nightmares.

To get a sneak peak at the horror, check out our slide show: Mutant Piñata Show at Briggs Pie's Factory Building. For more information, check out this article by Clubs Editor Benjamin Leatherman.

Happy hunting.

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Jonathan McNamara